Not Enough Glass in Winnipeg

There are a number of smaller condo development projects happening all over Winnipeg. It’s exciting and concerning at the same time. Exciting because developers and lenders are feeling confident enough in the market to invest in new projects that are altering the look of the city. Concerning because some of these projects don’t seem interested in utilizing modern development techniques to enhance the appeal of their buildings. One such item is the use of large glass windows or glass facades. There are a number of buildings being constructed along St. Mary’s Road for example that don’t seem to care for large windows. Or medium sized windows for that matter. They seem to be poorly designed while trying to emphasize a few nice features that developers believe will win over a buyer.

When buyers are purchasing a new home, they want to invest in something that is modern and will be remembered (and have lots of natural light coming in). Buildings that are not using modern development techniques are a concern because Winnipeggers aren’t buying into the idea that they should simply spend big money on something because it’s new. Agreed, glass doesn’t come cheap, but there are ways to bring costs down. We might not ever see large glass skyscrapers popping up in Winnipeg (as in Toronto), but we should still be able to have nice modern condominium communities without too much compromise in price.

Torontonians, in Ranjjan’s humble opinion, spend too much money on luxury features like all glass buildings and extensive recreational facilities. Winnipeggers, in general, are smarter with their money and know when to draw the line when it comes to overspending on real estate.

But let’s see some more glass in the city!

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