Modern Buildings Can Be Made To Fit Into Existing Spaces

Modern Buildings Can Be Made To Fit Into Existing Spaces

Cities need to be seen as living entities, changing and adapting over time. Streets constantly need to be repaired, utilities need to employ the latest technologies, older buildings must be brought to code and modern architectural design needs to be implemented in new builds.

Well, that’s the opinion of Ranjjan anyways…

All cities have limited space, and in that limited space, architectural creativity can thrive to create something where it wasn’t thought possible. In the above image, we can see a bending road and a slightly hilly landscape. To the right there is an older style building with a fixed linear structure and to the left there is a modern building design that is created to fit in with the existing environment while at the same time being completely unique. That is the beauty of modern architectural design, anything is possible.

Would it have been possible to fit a rectangular building into this space? Possibly, but there would have been a lot of lost space. And where space is a scarce good, it wouldn’t be practical.

In our opinion, modern style can fit in with the existing style and still add to the neighbourhood. Modern is not for everyone and some people still prefer the existing style. There is nothing wrong with that.

Ranjjan believes in modern design and maximizing space. We build low-rise modern condominium and apartment communities, ensuring that quality is not lost.